Dashing Rogue I Am: Hawke wanna his fagalo hat backu


Searched for Dragon Age I Want My Hat Back and found none. So I remedied the problem myself.

Oh my god it’s finally done. I’ve been up since 5am doing this and it’s now 8.30 am the following day lolwut. It…


infinite approval. I laughed for an inappropriate length of time at this comic. 
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(+26): Which one of you FUCKERS filled the toilet with soil and planted my mothers daisys in it? NOT FUCKING HAPPY

This is fucking Amazing. Who ever planted those toilet daisies, I’m going to marry you.

i bet it was merrill. look at how nervous she is haha
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finally got off my ass and finished something  :|
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Spoiler dgaf y’all should be past this point by now.
Work In Progress
I never cry during sad moments in games or movies, etc. 
But this quest and cutscene made me all choked up. I mean don’t lie, you’d cry if your mom was turned into a frankensteinian bride construct by some insane mage and then she dies. And in my playthrough both the twins were dead.
So Hawke was pretty lonely :<
i was gonna draw fenris, anders, and varric somewhere in the background but i got lazy :] 
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"Nothing is going to keep me from you"
Last words for the Fenris x Hawke romance in my playthrough :D
first dragon age 2 fanart. but it’s pretty dinky
i should do something full-sized LOL
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