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BioWare writer quits after death threats to family



Well, this is sad.  I wish her the best of luck, and thank her for all the wonderful work she shared with us.

As I’m sure a lot of you avoid doing anyway, don’t read the comments.  As per usual, the assholes of the internet are rearing their ugly heads and are saying some very awful, triggering things.

Looking at how vitriolic the responses to this case even now, in the comments of this very article, I can definitely see the cancer. And it certainly isn’t Hepler by a long shot. Stern and curt criticism is one thing, but since when threatening people’s family and children is an acceptable form of that?!! FFS

*Sigh* All the best to her in her future endeavours. She wrote the parts I enjoyed most in DA:O (dwarves, maaaan), so her absence in future installments will be felt.

the ends do not justify the means

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merrills way too adorable
Sten speedpaint/sketch w/crazycolourloverspalette
is it still sten week?
who cares i’m practicing men faces
i tried to make him look like the qunari in DA2
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concept art from prima official game guide | dragon age: origins

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Artist: zunta
I love the lighting in this, the shadows, the soft look on her face. Morrigan doesn’t get that look often, as guarded as she is, but it always made me happy to see her let her guard down long enough to be friends with my hopelessly pining female Warden.
(I get these off an art collective site, and the ads it runs are fairly NSFW. Just a warning. Actually, haha, this picture is pretty NSFW. But hey, Morrigan Week!)

Morrigan has to be one of my favorite dragon age
no, favorite RPG characters of all time

i love her to piecessss
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